News constantly surrounds the infamous “baseball-size” hail that hits Texas numerous times per year. Reports are always to follow with a trail of damage that is left behind after these storms. Often times, car lights and roofs are cracked and smashed, windows and skylights are shattered, and broken tree branches scatter the grounds. But the surface area that covers and keeps you safe during storms suffers from damage as well, your roof.


After hailstorms, roof damage can differ based on age, condition, location, and type of building materials. Location is important to consider given that you could be in an area that is overexposed to sunlight, or like the Dallas area, has suffered recurrent hailstorms on a yearly bases.

What is the lifespan of a roof in Dallas Texas?

Consider how many hailstorms your house has undergone. First, the average lifespan of a roof is based on the types of materials used:


Composition Shingles12-20 years
Asphalt Shingles15-30 years
Wood Shingles 20-25 years
Rubber Roofs30-50 years
Metal Roofs50-75 years


How many hailstorms will my roof last through?

Now you have to consider how many storms your roof has seen in its lifespan. Given are the amount of storms that occured each year near Dallas, TX since 2004 and the size in diameter of the average hailstones within the given year:


20043 storms1.75”201112 storms1” – 4.25”
20055 storms.75” – 2”201226 storms1” – 2.75”
20061 storm1”20134 storms1.25”
20072 storms.88” – 2.50”20141 storm1.25”
20081 storm1”20150 storms
20093 storms.88” – 1.75”20161 storm1.75”
20102 storms1.50” – 1.75”20172 storms1” – 1.75”


In 2018, Dallas, TX has had 3 reported hail storms so far. Hailstorms can not only be destructive to your personal property, the amount of damage done to your roof can vary as well. There are numerous factors in these storms that can cause different types of damage, including wind, size and density of the hail, and building materials.



During hailstorms, wind speeds can differ in direction and speed, therefore the location of where the hail may hit can change the severity of impacts.


Size and Density of Hail

With non smooth edges and the probability of growing to the size of a softball, the damage of hail can range from next to nothing to penetrating holes in your roofing shingles.


Building Materials

Roofing can come in all ages, types, and conditions. Exposure to inclement weather and sunlight can impact a roof faster than its age, but when hail hits your..


Asphalt and composition shingles, it can:

  • Have no discernable pattern with random damage
  • Create black marks
  • Create a risk of losing the granules, that may exposure the felt underneath

Wood shingles, it can:

  • Split a shingle that could vary in color, edge texture, and deterioration
  • Create dents


Whether you need to have your roof replaced due to storm damage or just have old and deteriorated shingles, Covenant Roofing uses the same 10 point process in determining the best solution for your immediate and long term needs. We offer the best in quality installation and service for residential roofing in the DFW area.

What do I do if I think my roof is damaged by hail?

If you believe your roof was damaged by a recent storm or that it may be time to look into roof repairs from common exposure, give Covenant Roofing a call at (972) 597-2506 for a FREE evaluation or schedule one NOW: