Here in North Texas, we love (or hate) our summer. With an average heat of 96 degrees [Dallas Film Commission] in the summer, sweating becomes a natural condition and quick darts into air conditioned building become a quick habit. Take a look at the record highs in Dallas, TX of each year since 2010:  

Max °FDate
104July 28, 2017
106August 12, 2016
107August 10, 2015
104August 08, 2014
106September 01, 2013
108July 21, 2012
111August 03, 2011
107August 23, 2010

[Dallas- Highest Temperature of Each Year]

It can be as troublesome to your roof as it can be to some people. Hail storms, excessive rain, and over exposure to heat and sunlight can cause noticeable damage to homes and commercial buildings roofing. Your roof can stand a chance against the blazing summer heat by taking a few preventive measures and hiring professional roofers, such as Covenant Roofing. With our knowledgeable and reliable team we can ensure that your roof is composed of the highest quality and durable products available to protect your property from hail, wind, tornadoes and other damage.

Commercial Buildings

Although commercial roofs tend to be more durable than residential, the sun can still cause damage to even the toughest materials. The hot temperatures cause roofing joists, roof decking, and wood roof rafters to expand. When your support beams expand, it can cause roof flashing sealant to stretch and eventually break. These types of damages can often go unnoticed until you start seeing random puddles of water around your building from a leaky roof. These types of damages are expensive and inconvenient. To prevent these things from happening, it is important to have roof inspections regularly to identify any effects of heat or other weather damage done to your roof.

Residential Homes

Many homes have shingle roofing and damage to these materials can be much more obvious than damage done to a commercial building. Damage can be in in the form of discoloration, cracks on shingles, and curling. These damages are often caused by extreme heat which can then lead to leaks and other property damages. It is seen in the form of curling, discoloration, and cracks on the shingles themselves. Right underneath your roof is the attic, which, with good ventilation and circulation, can help prevent help build up. By having the underside of the roof properly ventilated, the heat can flow through the attic and not be trap in one singular located.

You can’t throw a tarp over our entire roof to prevent damage from sunlight, but by having a properly ventilated attic and regular roof inspections, you can prevent damage to your roof that could save you from making other costly repairs. If you are due for a roof inspection or feel as through your roof has damage from heat and sunlight exposure, setup a FREE evaluation with your DFW North Texas roofing supply, Covenant Roofing, by using the following link: