In an industry that requires for the right results the first time and where safety comes first, following the industry standards has been one of the crucial pillars for any roofing service provider, particularly Covenant Roofing. The standards that have been set include the practices tested by competent professionals with innovative products. Covenant roofing follows every roofing industry standard and clients can rest assured that we are using the right methods of roofing that ensures the safety of the roofers as well as the quality of service and product. These standards that we follow ensure that the roofs are well installed, replaced or repaired to enhance its lifespan.

They are part of the building codes that give roofing service providers a prescriptive requirement for building and construction that encompasses the roofing systems. These codes are established and enforced by local and state governmental agencies. The bottom line is to enhance the safety of everyone in commercial and residential buildings.

Industry standards dictate the extent of acceptability or modes applicable to the building and construction. They provide the basis of comparison, and any serious roofing service provider must follow them. These standards also ensure that the products and measurements methods are compared n the same basis. The design standards offer the minimum criteria applicable to building or roofing system design.

So why do we follow these industry standards?

Standards are crucial in building and repair services

As a roofing service provider, Covenant Roofing must adhere to the building and repair codes for commercial and residential building. The company cares about the ventilation and other essentials covered in these codes to ensure perfect service delivery as well as the safety of those who seek roofing services.

Industry standards enhance the safety of the residents

The roofing industry standards have to be followed because they enhance the safety of the resident from fire eventualities as well as energy-wasting incidences. Covenant Roofing uses studies and tests to come up with the most efficient way to enhance this safety as well as energy efficiency. Trends in the industry standards change, which makes it crucial for every roofing service company to study them regularly. As such, the idea is not only to help the company give the best services to its clients but also to be abreast with the progressive changes.

Keeping up with the changes in the industry standards

For instance, roof designs have changed over the years, and the older standards require a different design. As such, a good roofing service company ought to look at the structure to decide the best design that caters for the needs of the roof. On the other hand, an older roof may have drainage problems because the technology was not understood, as it is nowadays. The same case applies to technology, material, and structuring which have changed over time. As such, it underscores the importance of studying, testing, and adhering to the existing industry standards.

If a roof has its problems, the most likely reason is that it has not adhered to the existing industry standards that have changed to enhance better drainage and fewer leaks.

We also follow the 1/4″ slope for a linear foot of roof because the installation of the interior is crucial in preventing ice dams as well as the double installation of drains in every section just in case one gets blocked by dirt.

The roofing industry standards are many, and the above one is part of what is studied regularly to ensure the client gets the best value for their money through a roof that will last years. They keep on improving every year which enhances the lifespan of the roof. Nowadays, roofs can last for more than 15 years before replacement depending on the type of shingle you have used, and if done correctly, it will last even more years.

Covenant Roofing prides itself in its ability to educate their employees. As such, they stay updated with the current trends in the industry to ensure they follow every safety measures for maximum roofing services delivery. Our customers can rest assured that they can get innovative information and roofing services because we have the most current breed of roofing contractors.

At Covenant Roofing ,we are committed to serving the Dallas Fort-Worth and North Texas areas with the highest quality roofing installation and repair. If you are in need of a new roof or roof repair, call now or contact us through our website today.